For some fifteen years, associative action has focused on the design and promotion of two permanent visits, namely wool and fashion (CTLM site) and the walk along water (ME). Temporary exhibitions and one-off events have quickly expanded that base.

Today, the time is ripe to strengthen the program already outlined, with particular attention to working with local touristic and cultural structures, without forgetting heritage and entertainment.

Aqualaine intends to become more open to local tourism, with more loyalty through quality programming that focuses on the active participation of visitors.

The renewal of its website is its sign: more effort is spent on communication, information on thematic visits, workshops, training events. An important place is given to the creation of synergies coming from the action of partners. Aqualaine is part of the Verviers museum landscape  but also-and perhaps primarily – in the area where it has head office: the aim is to also focus on creative collaborations with “hodimontois”.

Increased proximity, experimentation and creative expression, framed cooperation with major tourism projects, are the seeds of the Aqualaine action. May this new site reflect the enthusiasm and conviction of a team serving ‘their’ tourists!

Michele Corin