Visit to the temporary exhibition “Ceramics & Screens”

This new exhibition invites you to rediscover more than 200 ceramics from the Museums of Verviers in a colorful scenography that harmoniously responds to the thirty contemporary international screens from the collection of Daniel Couturier.

The objects elegantly respond to each other, pairs are formed between the screens and ceramics, and materials are ready to be touched in the material library. The fascinating history of ceramics allows them to be rediscovered in a new light.

The CTLM team welcomes your groups to discover the show’s course.
Two visit options:

  • Guided by a professional guide for a fee of 50€ (in French) / 55€ (German, English, or Dutch), maximum of 25 people per guide
  • with an audio guide (available in 4 languages: FR-NL-EN-DE)

Upon request, the cafeteria is available to groups for picnics or snacks. It is also possible, in partnership with various local gastronomy actors, to have breakfast or a snack at CTLM.
Different options are available, so choose the one that will make your taste buds water the most!


at least 15 days before the desired date