The Tourist Centre for Wool and Fashion

Authentic interpretation centre of our history in its technical, social, economic and human aspects, the CTLM lets you discover the different stages of the development process of the wool through its permanent exhibition tour called “From sewing thread to Fashion “.

The permanent exhibition immerses you in three-dimensional spaces where the visitor, equipped with individual headphones, can snif the atmosphere of the time of the wool industry in its heyday. This is an opportunity to admire a surprising collection of machine tools, evidences of the industrial past in Verviers.

The tour continues with the fashion trail: costumes, comics and movies illustrate and punctuate the great moments in the history of fashion.
The tourist centre, which celebrated in 2010 its 10th anniversary, is housed in the former factory Their, built in neoclassical style in the early nineteenth century. The building has been brilliantly restored and is open to everybody, including people with disabilities.

The CTLM has the advantage of offering many activities such as:

  • Theshow trailabove
  • Temporary exhibitionsoftenrelated to the themesof wooland fashion
  • Cultural eventsnext tothe exhibitions
  • The freetour of theexhibitionDethier
  • The room rental for business and private events
  • Access to the documentation centre, rich in materials on the history of Verviers