Guided and Animated Tour of the Temporary Exhibition Ceramics & Screens

This new exhibition invites you to rediscover over 200 ceramics from the Museums of Verviers in a colorful scenography that harmoniously responds to the thirty contemporary international screens from the Daniel Couturier collection.
As they discover the history of the exhibited objects, students are invited to touch the materials, find pairs between screens and ceramics, or decorate their own ceramic square.

Guided and Animated Tour of the Temporary Exhibition Ceramics & Screens

The animation team at CTLM has designed tailor-made tours based on the age of the participants.

The Hand in the Wool animation is recommended for all ages starting from 7 years old.

an animated tour lasting one hour followed by a workshop (duration 1.5 hours), intended for groups of 12 to 25 people. After visiting the wool course where textile machines are discovered, and the technical steps of the wool production process and what a textile fiber is are learned, experimentation begins: each student goes through 5 workshops: sorting, carding, spinning, weaving, quiz (board game).

The Art of Transforming Wool (4 to 18 years old)

Discover the stages of woolen fabric production
Each participant briefly learns about the process of transforming raw materials and the finished product.

Through the Fashion Ages (from 7 years old)

Journey through time from prehistory to the present day
Participants dress up as Tutankhamun, Queen Elizabeth, or one of Louis XIV’s musketeers and learn anecdotes that have shaped the history of fashion.

Fabric, Where Do You Come From? (from 8 years old)

To learn about the different textile materials, whether they are of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin
With the animator and using interactive/video supports, participants decipher the label of their clothes.

The Worker’s Condition (from 8 years old)

Discover the living and working conditions at the time when Verviers was the world capital of wool
The costumed animation puts participants in the shoes of a textile worker, a factory manager, or…a urine collector!


Information and reservations: 087/30.79.20 or

Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary

Entrance fee (depending on age) + animation package (30 to 60€)
Maximum 25 students per group