Teachers will download via the “online service” tab the folder containing the different educational activities offered by the Tourist Centre for Wool and Fashion.

For adult groups and school groups, our guides have prepared specific animations according to the age of the participants.

The team offers different themes to discover our tour in another way:

Over Fashion

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Over fashion: a general approach to fashion, from the prehistory to today, major modes, the evolution of costumes, the birth of ready-made clothes. (from 4 years of age)

Story of my sweater

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The story of my sweater: from the sheep to the ball of wool, to the spinner or the loom, how do we transform the wool of sheep into clothing?
(from 5 years of age)

Fabric, where do you come from ?

Fabric, where do you come from? : a general approach to textile through the history of costume, the different fibers and their use over the centuries (wool, cotton, linen, polyester, junk, …). Where do all these fibers come from? Are they natural or are they the result of chemical mixtures? (from 7 years of age)

The art of transforming wool

The art of transforming wool: the different varieties of wool, their processing methods, their use by men in the textile industry and in other fields (from 9 years of age)

The workers condition

The working conditions in the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution in Belgium
(from 10 years of age)

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Practical information


1 € par élève de maternelle + 30 € pour l’animation.
Maximum 25 élèves par groupe.


€ 2 per student in primary and secondary schools + 30 € for animation.
Maximum 25 students per group.


Entry € 5 + € 50 per group for animation.
Maximum 25 people per group.