In 1999, the city of Verviers created an association in order to manage infrastructure and tourism in Verviers. Since 2003, the association has been named Aqualaine.

Aqualaine currently includes the tourist center for wool and fashion (CTLM), the building of Bonvoisin, where you can find the House of Water (ME), and the reserve –supposedly accessible for visits- of the Belgian Solvent. On the CTLM site, the association also maintains the records relating to the history of Verviers (documentation centre).

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15/10/16 > 15/10/17

Tales from the World

“Tales from the world”, an ambitious temporary exhibition in the CTLM from October 2016 to October 2017. Tales have everywhere and ever had an essential role for example in social cohesion, escape and education. Visitors are invited to travel through different worlds, disc


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